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Marsha L Ceniceros

I would identify myself as a soul with a versatile skill set. I am a Poet and Author, a housewife who divide's time between looking after my husband, who is a disabled vet. Writing and spending time with my grandchildren. Back in 1998, I began taking my love for writing seriously, many of my poems appear on the internet. I have written poetry upon request for funeral's and a church along with many personal requests. I kept on writing throughout the years, publishing three poetry books and one novel. The novel, Sadana 999 is a science fiction, suspense thriller, and I am currently carrying on another Science Fiction. My first book of poetry was published 2004; Taking the Mind for a Ride, my second was published in 2007, titled; Flames of Torment. My next two books, Perçu and Sadana 999 were published late November and December of 2015. I have received many editor choice awards for poetry, certificates of achievement, and recognition. To date I received a five star review from Readersfavorite.com for both Perçu and Sadana 999, this is a great honor, Readers Favorite, only list books on their website that are four and five stars.